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Who we are

Our community was formally established in 2010, through the union of people who are committed to the importance of the process of fulfilment on both a community-based and individual level. The composition of participants has dynamically changed since the onset and continues to change, however we have continuously strived to maintain the mentality of the initiative at the focus of our attention (see section on Our Goals).

We have a beekeeper, psychologist, teacher, architect, economist, sound technician, physician, scientist-researcher, musician, juggler, mother, father, tender manager, kindergarten teacher, doula, interpreter, naturopath, masseur and  yoga teacher in our community. In addition we are also apt at a number of other (practical and theoretical) activities too.


Our Goals

In the deteriorating economic, social, environmental and health care situation of our age we aim to create and pass on know-how and practices regarding lifestyle and other technical aspects which can also be implemented in everyday life by those who opt for a rural lifestyle or choose to let go of an urban lifestyle partially or in its entirety.

Our direct plan is to establish a living space for approx. 20 families as a startWe are doing this with the fundamental intention of ensuring that all activities in the area at our disposal are conducted in harmony with the natural environment, biological diversity and the protection of the natural resources, with the restoration of these if necessary. We follow these principles during the creation of the eco-village as we believe that these fundamentally determine our lives, and physical-spiritual well-being.

Furthermore it is our goal to become a consciously blossoming community which is able to be sincerely attentive and open towards our internal potential for growth  and the phenomena of the external world.  For this reason we strive to listen to each other, make our decisions by consensus, striving to strengthen the internal processes of growth and understanding.

We plan every single process based on nature’s circular cycles. Our fundamental principle is to live and work in harmony with our environment. We use natural processes, maintain nutrients in the ecological cycle, and strive to use the resources which are at our disposal (workforce, energy, financial and other means) consciously and responsibly.


We wish to realize our vision for the future and the relating plans via the following activities:

  • We conduct ecological (permacultural) farm cultivation and sylviculture.
  • We build and renovate environmentally sound residential as well as community, cultural and farming buildings.
  • We establish small enterprises to ensure the community’s livelihood and development and to meet local demands.
  • We consider the integration of our community in its direct and more extended environment, and the life of the micro-region to be fundamentally important. In the interest of this we organize community activities and cultural events and take part in the life of Nyim village.

To share our experiences we carry out  ecological and community building education programmes in the micro-region, and on a national and international level too.  We put emphasis on teaching mainly through personal experience.

  • We support a lifestyle which serves to maintain health, we apply natural therapies.
  • We plan to create an infrastructure which adapts to the environment by adhering to ecological principles. We have set the goal of establishing roads, water management, sewage cleaning and waste management as well as energetic systems which connect to the main networks and are partially independent from these.


Our outlets

Currently we strive to achieve our goals outlined above via the following organizations.


Zöldzugoly Cooperative

The basic principle and goal of the cooperative is the implementation of ecological and permacultural agriculture.

We are aware that the soil is the basis of the community’s long-term subsistence, thus we avert erosion, continuously enrich the soil in nutrients, and increase its water retaining capacity and the wealth of its micro organisms. We know based on our experience  that biodiversity and favouring local species are the keys to the immune system of living spaces.

To this end members of our community have purchased a 20 hectare plot of land, where we are currently establishing the basics of permaculture (soil replenishment), then during the course of the year, following the planning phase, continue with the establishment of a grazing area with trees.


Felkelő Nap Public Interest Association

We strive to build as many connections as possible to our immediate and larger environment. For this we constantly seek external support via tenders, we organise programs to share our experiences, and enrich our experiences at the same time. We believe that by having a variety of relationships we support the blossoming and harmony of our community.


Fehér Felhő Social Cooperative



(in the process of being established)

We wish to realize all larger-value investments, which bear a significant cohesive function for the community in the mid- or long-term on the basis of a foundation. We do this with the aim of building our initial goals on a solid foundation to ensure their long-term sustainability and fulfilment.



If you would like to learn more about our community, you can contact us via the following options. We gladly welcome your interest, attention and any contribution to our initiative.
Please write for further information:

email: info@felkelonap.hu


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Our address: 8612 Nyim, Rákóczi u. 4., Hungary

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